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WebButtery and totally irresistible: Keto sugar cookies taste just like traditional sugar cookies, only without the carb load. This easy …

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Calories: 92 per serving
Category: Dessert
1. Mix all dry ingredients - almond flour, coconut flour, sweetener, baking powder, xanthan gum (if using).
2. Add the butter and vanilla extract and blend until you have a smooth dough
3. Place dough on cling film and roll into a log, about 2 inch in diameter. Chill in the freezer for 15-20 minutes (or in the fridge for 30-40 minutes).
4. Preheat the oven to 175 Celsius / 350 Fahrenheit.


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WebSugar Free Low Carb Cookie Bars The recipe for low carb vegan cookie dough bars. This is a sugar free recipe that has no eggs or flour added to it. As …

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Category: Dessert
Cuisine: American
Calories: 102 per serving
1. Prepare a square baking dish with parchment paper that overhangs the edges of the pan. Using a smaller baking dish (6 X 6) will yield a taller cookie bar.
2. In a medium mixing bowl, blend together the butter (or alternative), syrup (or alternative), and the vanilla extract until creamy. Stir in the almond flour until combined. Add salt as needed and adjust as needed as well (flour or butter). Then fold in one half cup of the chocolate chips.
3. Transfer the mixture to the prepared baking dish, pressing in the batter as needed. Then place bars into the refrigerator while you prepare the ganache.
4. Melt the remaining chocolate chips. Place the chocolate chips in a microwave-safe bowl and microwave on high until melted, stopping to stir every thirty seconds. Optionally, you can use a double boiler stove method. Once melted, you can stir in the remaining coconut oil


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Frequently Asked Questions

How many carbs in a low carb cookie?

Only 2 net carbs per cookie. Gluten Free. This low carb chocolate chip cookie recipe uses almond flour, so they don't contain gluten. Sugar Free. I use Truvia and sugar free chocolate chips instead of real sugar. Fast. Done in under 30 minutes. Easy. Just pour, mix, and bake. Delicious. What's better than the perfect low carb cookie?

How low carb should you go?

“Consuming no more than 50 grams of carbohydrates daily is typical of a low-carb, ketogenic diet. This type of meal plan (is effective in altering) the way your body uses energy. If you limit your carb intake to 50 grams or less per day, (the body begins to utilize fat instead) as the primary energy source,” says Janet Renee, MS, RD.

What are the best sugar free cookies?

  • Sugar Free Lemon Bundt Cake
  • Easy No Bake Sugar Free Chocolate Cookies.
  • Sugar Free Brownie Crackers.
  • 3 Ingredient Sugar Free Peanut Butter Cookies.
  • Low Carb Pizza Rolls.
  • Sugar Free and Flour Free Chocolate Chip Cookies.
  • 'Magnolia Style' Sugar Free Chocolate Chip Cookies.
  • Sugar Free Chocolate Espresso Mug Cake.

How to make no bake cookies without sugar?

What you will need to make this No Bake Sugar Free Chocolate Cookies recipe.

  • Granular Sugar Alternative- 1 ½ cups. Please use a granular sugar alternative that measures 1:1 with sugar.
  • Milk- ½ cup. ...
  • Butter- 1 stick (½ cup) Can use a butter alternative .
  • Unsweetened Cocoa Powder ¼ cup.
  • Sugar Free Chocolate Chips - ¼ cup.
  • Old Fashion Style of Rolled Oats - 3 cups.
  • Sugar Free Peanut Butter - 1 cup.
  • Vanilla Extract - 1 teaspoon.

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